How to prep for a gig with The Carbons

Imagine The Red Hot Chilli Peppers got down and dirty with the Foo Fighters. Then every once in awhile, their offspring went ahead and got to second base with Royal Blood and Kings of Leon. If this sounds familiar, you've probably been listening to The Carbons. 

The Vancouver-based groove rock group is fresh off the release of their debut LP August Ash and are currently on an extensive tour throughout western Canada. Between late nights and long drives, the rock trio were kind enough to share a few tips as to how they best prep for a gig...

#1: CLOSE THE TAILGATE! We actually drove around Vancouver with all our gear loaded up right before the tour and the tailgate was down! Luckily we didn't lose anything or at least we don't think so.

#2: Green Room Huddle! We huddle up before each show and we all sing and groove to the first song on the set list! We get all pumped up and our blood flowing so we are high energy right from the first song. If there is only 1 person in the audience, close your eyes, imagine there's 1000 or 10,000 or however many would make you happy, and play as if that were the case. That one person will never forget that show and he/she will come to the next show with 2-3 friends.

#3: Checklist! We actually created a checklist before we went on tour because we kept forgetting equipment at venues. We actually left 500$ worth of equipment at one venue one week. That event initiated the checklist. The last thing on the check list is to CLOSE THE TAILGATE.

#4: Early Bird! We show up early so we have time to talk to the sound guy and light tech. We have everything set up usually an hour before the sound guy even gets there. Tomy checks every guitar pedal he uses to make sure the levels are all correct and he tapes the knobs so they don't move around when he engages each pedal - Tomy has huge feet. We also go around the venue to talk to all the people there to thank them for coming and supporting us!

#5: Hustle and be nice! Be nice to everyone and most of the time they will be nice to you! Hustle and work harder than anyone you know! Promote your shows by sending people private messages and taking a genuine interest in THEIR life! Ask for people's feedback about your music and your shows will get better and better.

The Carbons are currently on tour through western Canada and have lined up shows all over BC and Alberta. The trio is set to headline the Portside Pub July 12th alongside Age of Entitlement, Prepurity & Friday Night Fires.