Redwoods Keep The Flame Burning Bright

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Hailing from North Vancouver, Redwoods play a muscular and melodic brand of hard rock with influences ranging from Big Wreck to Stevie Wonder.

This emerging quartet's style combines the classic rock stylings of the '70s with the thunderous sound of late '90s alternative. Churning out hard-hitting rock number after hard-hitting rock number, Redwoods aim to showcase some familiar aspects of the genre while presenting it in a way that is both unique and compelling. The band dropped their second EP Study Night in summer 2018 and it is a guaranteed barn burner.

What was the recording and production process like for this latest release?
It was fun and also challenging which is good for any musician. Having a producer come in and suggest different ways to arrange your music is a good way to get out of your comfort zone and grow as a band. Our plan was to push these tunes for radio airplay so there were some things that needed to be touched up. Overall, the finished songs sound great and the experience was awesome.

Did you run in to any challenges while recording?
There will always be small challenges when a band and a third party with another set of ears maybe isn't always on the same page. Its all a matter of being open to everything and considering the finished product as a whole.

What can fans expect from your latest release?
Study Nights  is short and sweet with a lot of summer vibes. This release is for people who love living and having a good time!