The Dead Zones Strike Back


The Dead Zones are a primitive garage rock power trio. Lead vocalist/bassist Andrew McSherry, guitarist/vocalist Lukas McSherry, and drummer Anthony Morelli bring their own influences to the table, making for a dangerous mix. Drawing inspiration from the likes of The Ramones, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Motorhead, and Death From Above; The Dead Zones hit hard.

The band recounts a few highlights from their experience recording their sophomore EP The Dead Zones II.

1. Experimenting and improvising is always our favourite part of the recording experience. The best studios are the ones with a large selection or rare and strange amps/instruments that are available to fool around with to achieve unique sounds.

2. We recorded our upcoming EP The Dead Zones II at Park Sound Studio with Dan Ponich. Dan is super down to earth which really helps with the process. Sure, he gets physical sometimes, and often calls us names I won't repeat here, but I'll be damned if he doesn't get results. Love you Dan!

3. Matt DiPomponio who works out of Echoplant Studio is a real gem. His enthusiasm for our project was through the roof to the point where I think he was more excited about it than we were, which motivated us in a really cool way.

The Dead Zones II is set for release September 28.