Catching Up with Madison Olds

Kamloops native Madison Olds writes and performs multiple genres including folk and indie pop. Her band Bees and Bare Bones won the Chevy Tailgate Next Local Legend contest in 2016 and was named Emerging Artist of the Year by the City of Kamloops.

How would you describe your sound?
I am acoustic pop artist who blends the intimate vibe of a singer/songwriter performer with dance-y hooks in the style of Julia Michaels or even Ed Sheeran.

What's something unique that you bring to the table as a songwriter? 

I’ve been told my melodies are catchy and easily become ear worms. My favourite piece of feedback is that I’ve been told I am able to put a room at ease and make people feel happy and comfortable. 

What was songwriting process like for your latest single?
The songwriting process for “Thank You” was not my first time collaborating with other musicians but it was my first time working with writers signed to a publisher.

My bandmate (at the time) and I wrote “Thank You” with two other writers from Warner/Chappell in Nashville and it took two writing sessions to complete the song.

We had started working on the song back in January 2017 after meeting some industry contacts which was part of a Chevy Tailgate Next Local Legend prize package which our band Bees and the Bare Bones won in 2016. It's a bit of a long story then because one of those writers wanted to produce “Thank You” for us and it took five months to receive the finished product and we just weren't happy with the song.

We went to another major producer, Brian Howes (Mother Mother, Daughter, Hinder) and he helped us sharpen the track into what it is today. He didn't want to dilute the writing credits and asked us to work on the song ourselves to fix areas he thought we needed to change instead of contributing himself. He then produced it for my bandmate and I however, after a full year of trying to get this single out, my bandmate decided to follow a different musical path and left our group in January 2018. This left me with a song I believed in and an album that I was working on, so I returned to the studio in Vancouver with Brian Howes again, to re-record my former bandmate's parts so that it could be the first release off my album.

Did you run in to any challenges while recording debut album?
I learned a lot last year after spending close to 20K on an album that I didn't end up releasing. I decided to take a different approach and seek out specific people I wanted to work with and to explore working with people who could facilitate my budget. I approached Sticky Studios in Sunningdale (just outside of London, UK) where they recorded Ed Sheeran's first three albums and Shawn Mendes' Illuminate album. The team there was brilliant.

Who did you work with with on your latest release?
I have been working with a publicist, Mavis Harris, and a radio promoter, Scott Clements of Principle Projects. I also am an independent artist but I have an incredible manager/mentor who gives me advice along the way.

Any memorable moments while writing and recording?
The whole experience working on “Thank You” has been really memorable. I've learned to go after what I want. I never dreamed I'd work with Brian Howes or with Sticky Studios.

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